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Thanks for checking out my music website. I’m involved in a few different bands these days of which I will try to keep you informed under the domain of

Speaking of Carnivaleros, I started that band in 2001 and began recording my music under that name in 2003. It was a concocted name I felt embodied the spirit of the music I was writing and thinking about at the time; songs that contain elements of Blues, Zydeco, Cajun, Country, Rock, and Polka. I see my songs as mini-movies, novellas put to music.

During the pandemic I recorded Waiting For the Big One. As it turns out it’s the last of seven CDs that will be recorded under the Carnivaleros name. (You can read all about it here)

If you click on Dates, you can see scheduled performances for the Morpholinos (a dance band!) and Dropped By Birds, my latest incarnation of an ensemble playing my newest music. And we even have a few dates now and then with a Carnivaleros reunion show.

L-R: Karl Hoffmann (Bassist, Co-Producer of CDs, Mixmaster) and Gary Mackender (Songwriter, Accordion, Keyboards, Drums, Lead Vocals) hanging out in the La Cocina Courtyard, Tucson, Arizona.

CD History

Waiting For the Big One | 2020
Tallsome Tales | 2018
Dreams Are Strange | 2016
Strictly Tabu | 2014
Happy Homestead | 2009
Lost In the Graveyard | 2006