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Waiting For the Big One

The Carnivaleros released Waiting For the Big One, the band’s 7th and last CD, in October, 2020. It contains elements of blues, zydeco, cajun, country, rock, and yes, polka (of course!). I see my songs as mini-movies, novellas put to music. If you are one of Those About To Rock or a firm traditionalist, my music is not for you. It’s not for children, either, although a melody or two might be contagious.

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The Carnivaleros · Waiting For The Big One

From Tallsome Tales

From Dreams Are Strange

From Strictly Tabu

Previous Releases

Tallsome Tales | 2018

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First couple of tunes in, Tallsome Tales, by Tucson group the Carnivaleros, immediately set my Spidey sense (tarantula, natch) tingling. It’s a damned delightful desert disc, part-Tex-mex, part-N’awlins, part folk- and indie-rock, all quality stuff. Who are these guys? This group effortlessly bridges genres and thwarts preconceptions, period.

- Fred Mills, Blurt Online, 2018

Dreams Are Strange | 2016

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"Dreams are Strange is the band’s fifth release, and every Carnivaleros CD is excellent, that much goes without saying, an intoxicating mixture of roots musics of all brands: zydeco, folk, Appalachian, Tex-Mex, swing, and, yep, even waltzes, though Big Louie and the Versailles Court would never recognize the lattermost incarnation here, I’m pretty damn sure. More, each disc is better than what preceded it. That alone should supply the band with ample reason to…cut it the hell out!! This is Earth, we’re allowed only just so much above our station, and then have to shuffle off the coil, so don’t force the envelope! The listener is advised to afterwards listen to The Osmonds, The Archies, or The Bangles as penance for having tasted of Eden and the apple."

- Mark S. Tucker, VERITAS VAMPIRUS, Issue 1,196, April, 2016

Strictly Tabu | 2014

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"Unlike the others, there is breadth and scope to the material, and its delivery, that puts this offering head and shoulders above its predecessors."

- Jim Lipson, Tucson Weekly, April, 2014

Happy Homestead | 2009

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"Homestead is what Carnivaleros music really is, 110% this time, and what that is, is infectious as hell, swingin' like a gin-swozzled junebug, and as sage as a grinning ranch-hand looking toward darkening skies."

- Mark S. Tucker, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange, July, 2009

Lost In the Graveyard | 2006

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"Lost in the Graveyard is as good as it is crazy."

- Dave Howell,, 2007

Step Right Up! | 2003

Recorded and Produced by Teddy Morgan
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" 'Step Right Up!,' is a firecracker of extraordinary musicianship and genre-bending songs. In terms of musicianship, this group and CD can stand with any we've heard this year (local or national)."

- TJ Buck, Tucson Citizen, 2003