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If you've ever wanted to know more about the creative process of a full-length album, you're in luck. Tales From the Homestead is a podcast series that takes you behind the scenes of Tallsome Tales, the sixth release from The Carnivaleros.

In each episode we deconstructed a new song before playing it, giving you the inside scoop on every cut off the album.

You'll learn about the inspirations behind the songs and how they came to be - the fun stories, the cautionary tales, and the tragedies. Along the way, you'll learn how even the smallest of ideas evolve into full-fledged production with humorous anecdotes about the talented musicians and technical wizardry that aided them along the way.

Tales From the Homestead is recorded at Homestead Studio, the music and visual art studio of Gary Mackender. In addition to Mackender, you'll hear from host, Björgvin Benediktsson, as well as Karl Hoffmann, bass player and mixing/mastering engineer. Mackender is the bandleader, songwriter, accordionist, and vocalist of the Carnivaleros.

Episode 0, where we discuss the upcoming podcast series for Tallsome Tales.

Episode 1 - Liquor, Vice, and Sin

Episode 2 - Let's Dance

Episode 3 - Rudy Got Caught Again

Episode 4 - Young Danny Lee

Episode 5 - Justified Fitting End

Episode 6 - The Purple Door

Episode 7 - The Die Was Cast

Episode 8 - Why Not Marry

Episode 9 - To Be Home Again

Episode 10 - The Scarlet Oak

Episode 11 - Belinda Bonita

Episode 12 - The Telling Kind

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CD History

Tallsome Tales | 2018
Dreams Are Strange | 2016
Strictly Tabu | 2014
Happy Homestead | 2009
Lost In the Graveyard | 2006